Game Design JD

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Game Design JD

3 reasons for you to join HLO:

– Bonus up to 13 month salary.

– 12 days of paid leave.

– Full insurance package: Accident, medical, unemployment.

  • Job description:

    • Creating highly detailed design documents which contains a blueprint for the entire game’s design, gameplay and interface.
    • Designing the rules of the games and making sure that everything is balanced carefully.
    • Creating the missions, levels and environment aspects and ensuring that everything matches up evenly with the gameplay and storyline.
    • Writing the game’s story, menu text and narration (if any).
    • Supporting to other Game Designers to complete all ongoing and future prototypes/projects at the standard quality.
    • Assisting Senior/Studio Lead Game Designer and Producers in all related-Game Design matters to improve the team-members’ when getting request.
  • Job requirements:

    • About 1 year of experience in a Game Designer role.
    • Good understanding of the market and target audience of Mobile Video Games.
    • Strong passion and solid video games background – knowledge about new market trends but also about retro gaming.
    • Solid knowledge about Game Design including game mechanics, level design, and UI/UX.
    • Good knowledge about Business models, monetization psychology and monetization strategy.
    • Solid knowledge about Game Retention strategy.
    • Creative thinking skills to make new Gameplay and solve a diversity of game design issues every day, including but not limited to gameplay, level, interface…
    • Understand of balancing complex game systems.
    • Basic programming knowledge to understand easily the scripts.
    • Experience with game reward systems.
  • Salary:

    • Negotiable in the interview.

  • Why you will love working here:

    • Opportunities for career advancement and development, as well as training to develop further skills.
    • Attractive salary based on your ability.
    • Excellent bonus (Considering salary increase 2 times/year), providing a clear career development path.
    • Full benefits according to the company’s regulations and Vietnamese law.
    • Many company activities to strengthen the relationship between employees: Company trip, Year-end party, Team building,…
    • Professional environment, clear procedures, good working facilities
  • How to apply:

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